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Nicholas Nicola

Nicholas Nicola is an award-winning photographer living and working in Orange County California.  Born in the early 80’s, Nicholas studied architecture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where he grew up as well.  While on a trip abroad, he became inspired by not only the beauty of the architecture, but of the surrounding landscapes and people as well.  While self-taught in the technical aspects of photography, Nicholas continues to refine his skills through the eye of the lens. By capturing light and shadow, emotion and form, Nicholas uses his architectural background to inspire the stories that his photographs’ express.  

Nicholas’ work has been curated at many public exhibitions and galleries across Southern California.  Such galleries include, OCCCA, LA Artcore, the Carnegie Muzeo,  Irvine Fine Arts Center, and Las Laguna Gallery.  Other public exhibitions have included the Mission Viejo Library, the Newport Beach art exhibition, the AIAOC Artwalk, and the Orange County fair.