Perched high among the gods of clouds, a testament of form remains.

glistening and beaming from the arms outstretched of the sun itself,  a body of steel and bolt remains.

uncontested by way of vision,

of eye,

of ocular gateway to judgment.

the judgment of those faithful below.

anointed by clouds, glistened by sun; a vision of absolution infects those in toe.

the souls of those faithful below.

trading steps for breath, they radiate of years past, memories preserved.

sun bleached and hammered from arms outstretched, those faithful breaking from reserve.

body of steel and bolt, sun glistened eye of judgment.

they feel it's stare.

with every expelled breath, they feel it's stare.

bodies of life and soul.

they turn and face the absolution.

with every inhale of life, they turn; face and see the final solution.

bleached no more, souls tightly grasped.

they elevate their fists as never ever before.

perched high among the gods of clouds.

faithfully, they remain.

surrounded by rust and machine fall.

they remain.

absolute when there is zero in all.



A genesis in fracture.  the root of tectonic shift.

delicate lines mature across the plane of reality.

a land of frost.  an environment of none.  Our known world, as it is  halts in its physicality.

a stutter of light-and it shatters, screaming, gasping

-fiending for air as a flood of darkness begins its' reign.

beyond humanities laws and time, we enter the extent.

a legend in reflection, handed down by the stars selection. We enter the extent.

here we walk, a land of frost, as blacked out skies shower us with debris of ice and tundra.

beyond the extent, a birthing in silhouette,  taunts our very senses.

stuttering in motion, every other position we see.

ghosts of its' soul push and pull like tides in the sea.

steady we stand, chameleon we become.  A  frost so cold, it slips

an exhaust of breath escapes our lips.

ghosts of soul, quickly it turns, spying on our very existence.

a suttering so rapid, it has become, our steps of many fight its' steps of few.

faster we run, our breath now heavy with air.

our minds must escape, solidify the plane, piece together the puzzle.

with jittering jumps of frame, flashes of fear and heartbeat, it changes.   Leaving melted snow in sudden defeat.

once free by endless night, we become slaves of our inner sight.

under frigid glow of street light, we collide.

with sudden punishing force, frozen memories flushed out with brutality.

only a crater remains in this antagonists' reality.

we now see the faces of ghosts.  We see ourselves.

legend in reflection, our souls and minds spliced together, absorbed as one.

as we lay blind, wrapped within our minds' obsession.



A band of three, set out to see, the between world; the land that exists between you and me.

this band of three, friends since first speech, grouped by trust, to see what lies within intangible reach.

a measured walk, through swale and thicket.

three paces to the left, ten to the north, and on to forever.

legends spoke of these.

this band of three, will hold the key

-this band of three, will be, infused in to the land between you and me.

with sloping land, cascading swales of dirt and debris, swallowed by legend and thicker into thicket.

where time and space absorbs your body into the essence of it.

molecules and dust, dancing and experiencing. 

a bond in whole with forever and soul.

in the land between you and me.

with atmosphere overhead, flowing and shifting.

once at peace, now burns to red.

stars manifest and fall, stitching threads while wrapping the three.

enveloping the space

-quickly to replace

-a shift in momentum and pace.

lost in discovery

-this band of three

a becoming of ghosts in a land where flux in most.

in the land between you and me.



As pupils adjust.

 as the silent vibration unsettles the dust.

a myth sanctifies the belief in the just.

as structured as clockwork.

as the cold sediments into bone until finally it hurts.

they assimilate the process.

-never living the perk.

as the concrete fractures through.

as the fluorescents give to the pure.

-dripping in, developing shadows on you

as the gentile hiss of resistance give s birth to something new.

the pupils shift and expand to the ascension of not.

-a re-thinking of what they always do.

 a bug in the system, the myth is true.

hiss to roar, an anti-level of light and sound breaks through.

a breach of phantom transmits its reception through you.

now step into the static. Now ascend into blur. Now breathe in life.

this is the moment, breaking free from what you once were.

now assimilate white noise. Now embrace forever cure. Now accept serenity above.

this is the moment, breaking free from what you once were.

a life of shackles, now only a blur.

eyes so warm from light, the feeling so pure.



With curiosity unscathed, boundless and flawless, a void of space opened its' arms to me.

with a tilt of my head, it whispers.

these voices of sirens so gentle and warm, cascading over me.

i open my mouth, letting the whispers in.

swirling and flourishing, adopting the secrets, accepting the sin

down the rabbit hole I go, a steady rhythm keeping my pace at bay.

deeper in to the void, a wonderland springs to mind., a vision I cannot avoid.

my blindness begins to evaporate.  Darkness to grey's, absence to existence.  An infinite world I soon anticipate.

from a single false step, the ground moans in pain.

earth and debris begin to fall, dropping like rain.

as my foundation gives way, time slips into decay.

ultimately freezing in mid transition, an eternity within a day.

a grasp of breath and snap back into now.

a plunge into the great beyond, centuries of life ascending and gone.

at centuries end, i find the earth at my feet.

the path laid out, as if it were expecting me.

following its guided hand, as fluid as the sea.

up ahead i see warmth, i see this purity.

I reach for the source, to far beyond my hand.

a single flame emerges from a stone base.

a begger's arm in the form of land.

as I stare into purity's gaze, i let time become a haze.

with shadows of twilight flowing down as if silk, evolving in so many ways.

carried by twilight, these whispers adrift.

voiced by sirens, drawn into this haze.

watching the source, and waiting for days, and day, and days.



...and on this day a guard rests.

flanked by steel fortress.

and on this day a sudden shiver.

brought by time, the antagonist set to deliver.

and on this day a splice in continuity.

-spread thin and wide

-tuned to a different frequency

slipping into the divide.

with a gentle push of air, influenced by antagonist's dare.

a shift in scene, witnessed by those who have seen the other side of lights glare.

a genesis of warmth and calm, as physical space develops a twin.

-gemini at first dawn.

as this frequency becomes, opposite of lights glare.

visions develop of the hollow, walking among us, between the molecules that we beg and borrow.

as clarity turns to haze, the lines of humanity blur into gaussian glaze.

so smooth, so soft, as the fortress breaks down.

a servant to this frequency, this sublime.

as one-sided smiles glide across the hollow.

-unison in time, a collective of presence.

-so serene, so divine.

and on this day, time left our conscious, splitting the fortress, letting material decay.

what was a transcending event for beyond the glare.

for the few, a happening, though brief and rare.

for the rest, it came and gone within a flicker, a light breeze through ones'  hair.



Adrift beyond the flight of birds.

Lost within the gaussian blur, a city of ascension, juxtaposed

-its secrets, difficult to decipher.

A stair of steel and atmosphere, laced with visible hue.

Ascending from anchor's grasp, liberated from humanities view.

On the clearest of days, every hundred cycles.

You shut your eyes and let the elements shift out of phase.

With fingers stretched full

-your body reacts, begins to pull.

Steel wire formulate and embrace

-established and cold

-heart beginning to race.

First a riser, then a tread.

A pattern re-explored, monolithic, stretched far ahead.

Now right over left, rising seven than before.

Your body displaced, rejecting the floor.

With fists clenched, knuckles white with desire.

You reach the zenith, higher and higher.

When pupil greets air, the scene implodes with distinct flair.

A white brilliance fills the environment and evaporates as soon as it was once there.

When all return to natural state, you crane your neck, disillusioned by fate.

Spectrum and horizon is all that can be seen.

For another hundred cycles must pass when the challenge is deemed.


Suppressed and restrained by winter lust sage.

An inclusion so tight, the purity espaces from its vascular cage.

As souls once molded from one, our evolution breaks bond; now gorged and displaced.

A universal pull blurs the lines, their fingertips swipe across my face.

I close my eyes to jettison my fears. A removal from this ridged bleak.

I encapsulate myself with blindness, yet I still see beyond the stained and oblique.

I shift within their hands, their strength anchored from beneath their knees.

As I open my eyes, a vision of sanctuary lies await, crafted and passed down from grandfather trees.

I reach out, grasping only the void in absence born by breeze.

My body now tight, feet slipping…..


As the world halts; silence.

Only the ringing in ones’ ear of the world screaming.

I stretch and push, their limbs interrupting and greeting.

Clenching my jaw, teeth grinding and breaching.

Their fiberous hide now cutting and digging.

I squint my eyes, tears stabbing while streaming.

I dive into my sancturary.

Now broken, now bleeding.

All quiet; all calm; peaceful.

I rest entrusted by my sanctuary. I close my eyes to jettison my fears.

Dormant I lay, while the sage fingertips creep near.



open my eyes to silents demise, the ink well reseeding.

this replica, my gemini; sitting up, stretching and bleeding.

existing in silhouette, the silence of one.

absorbing the monochrome, cold and numb.

whispers of my twin echo within.

-this fortress

-my cage

-a labyrinth of sin

a cunning serpent studying its prey.

swimming through tubular steel, assimilating the earth, giving dawn to a day.

inches from contact, i feel the degrees escalate.

i turn my face, clenching my teeth, closing my eyes.

the warm fingertips grazing.

within these final seconds i know what i must do.

I face the light screaming, "How could you?!"

grabbing my face, sending shockwaves throughout my essence.

 a sonic boom of brightness floods my fortress with its demanding presence.

all white, all pure.

a pulse within the splendor-grandeur.

I open my eyes and listen to the heartbeat.

a moment of life to forever endure.

yesterday my gemini sought for my end.

today i breathe, today I begin.