enVISIONed environment
illustrating the imagination

Poetic Visions


open my eyes to silents demise, the ink well reseeding.

this replica, my gemini; sitting up, stretching and bleeding.

existing in silhouette, the silence of one.

absorbing the monochrome, cold and numb.

whispers of my twin echo within.

-this fortress

-my cage

-a labyrinth of sin

a cunning serpent studying its prey.

swimming through tubular steel, assimilating the earth, giving dawn to a day.

inches from contact, i feel the degrees escalate.

i turn my face, clenching my teeth, closing my eyes.

the warm fingertips grazing.

within these final seconds i know what i must do.

I face the light screaming, "How could you?!"

grabbing my face, sending shockwaves throughout my essence.

 a sonic boom of brightness floods my fortress with its demanding presence.

all white, all pure.

a pulse within the splendor-grandeur.

I open my eyes and listen to the heartbeat.

a moment of life to forever endure.

yesterday my gemini sought for my end.

today i breathe, today I begin.


Nicholas NicolaComment