enVISIONed environment
illustrating the imagination

Poetic Visions


Suppressed and restrained by winter lust sage.

An inclusion so tight, the purity espaces from its vascular cage.

As souls once molded from one, our evolution breaks bond; now gorged and displaced.

A universal pull blurs the lines, their fingertips swipe across my face.

I close my eyes to jettison my fears. A removal from this ridged bleak.

I encapsulate myself with blindness, yet I still see beyond the stained and oblique.

I shift within their hands, their strength anchored from beneath their knees.

As I open my eyes, a vision of sanctuary lies await, crafted and passed down from grandfather trees.

I reach out, grasping only the void in absence born by breeze.

My body now tight, feet slipping…..


As the world halts; silence.

Only the ringing in ones’ ear of the world screaming.

I stretch and push, their limbs interrupting and greeting.

Clenching my jaw, teeth grinding and breaching.

Their fiberous hide now cutting and digging.

I squint my eyes, tears stabbing while streaming.

I dive into my sancturary.

Now broken, now bleeding.

All quiet; all calm; peaceful.

I rest entrusted by my sanctuary. I close my eyes to jettison my fears.

Dormant I lay, while the sage fingertips creep near.


Nicholas NicolaComment