enVISIONed environment
illustrating the imagination

Poetic Visions


Perched high among the gods of clouds, a testament of form remains.

glistening and beaming from the arms outstretched of the sun itself,  a body of steel and bolt remains.

uncontested by way of vision,

of eye,

of ocular gateway to judgment.

the judgment of those faithful below.

anointed by clouds, glistened by sun; a vision of absolution infects those in toe.

the souls of those faithful below.

trading steps for breath, they radiate of years past, memories preserved.

sun bleached and hammered from arms outstretched, those faithful breaking from reserve.

body of steel and bolt, sun glistened eye of judgment.

they feel it's stare.

with every expelled breath, they feel it's stare.

bodies of life and soul.

they turn and face the absolution.

with every inhale of life, they turn; face and see the final solution.

bleached no more, souls tightly grasped.

they elevate their fists as never ever before.

perched high among the gods of clouds.

faithfully, they remain.

surrounded by rust and machine fall.

they remain.

absolute when there is zero in all.


Nicholas NicolaComment