enVISIONed environment
illustrating the imagination

Poetic Visions


A genesis in fracture.  the root of tectonic shift.

delicate lines mature across the plane of reality.

a land of frost.  an environment of none.  Our known world, as it is  halts in its physicality.

a stutter of light-and it shatters, screaming, gasping

-fiending for air as a flood of darkness begins its' reign.

beyond humanities laws and time, we enter the extent.

a legend in reflection, handed down by the stars selection. We enter the extent.

here we walk, a land of frost, as blacked out skies shower us with debris of ice and tundra.

beyond the extent, a birthing in silhouette,  taunts our very senses.

stuttering in motion, every other position we see.

ghosts of its' soul push and pull like tides in the sea.

steady we stand, chameleon we become.  A  frost so cold, it slips

an exhaust of breath escapes our lips.

ghosts of soul, quickly it turns, spying on our very existence.

a suttering so rapid, it has become, our steps of many fight its' steps of few.

faster we run, our breath now heavy with air.

our minds must escape, solidify the plane, piece together the puzzle.

with jittering jumps of frame, flashes of fear and heartbeat, it changes.   Leaving melted snow in sudden defeat.

once free by endless night, we become slaves of our inner sight.

under frigid glow of street light, we collide.

with sudden punishing force, frozen memories flushed out with brutality.

only a crater remains in this antagonists' reality.

we now see the faces of ghosts.  We see ourselves.

legend in reflection, our souls and minds spliced together, absorbed as one.

as we lay blind, wrapped within our minds' obsession.


Nicholas NicolaComment