enVISIONed environment
illustrating the imagination

Poetic Visions


A band of three, set out to see, the between world; the land that exists between you and me.

this band of three, friends since first speech, grouped by trust, to see what lies within intangible reach.

a measured walk, through swale and thicket.

three paces to the left, ten to the north, and on to forever.

legends spoke of these.

this band of three, will hold the key

-this band of three, will be, infused in to the land between you and me.

with sloping land, cascading swales of dirt and debris, swallowed by legend and thicker into thicket.

where time and space absorbs your body into the essence of it.

molecules and dust, dancing and experiencing. 

a bond in whole with forever and soul.

in the land between you and me.

with atmosphere overhead, flowing and shifting.

once at peace, now burns to red.

stars manifest and fall, stitching threads while wrapping the three.

enveloping the space

-quickly to replace

-a shift in momentum and pace.

lost in discovery

-this band of three

a becoming of ghosts in a land where flux in most.

in the land between you and me.


Nicholas NicolaComment