enVISIONed environment
illustrating the imagination

Poetic Visions


...and on this day a guard rests.

flanked by steel fortress.

and on this day a sudden shiver.

brought by time, the antagonist set to deliver.

and on this day a splice in continuity.

-spread thin and wide

-tuned to a different frequency

slipping into the divide.

with a gentle push of air, influenced by antagonist's dare.

a shift in scene, witnessed by those who have seen the other side of lights glare.

a genesis of warmth and calm, as physical space develops a twin.

-gemini at first dawn.

as this frequency becomes, opposite of lights glare.

visions develop of the hollow, walking among us, between the molecules that we beg and borrow.

as clarity turns to haze, the lines of humanity blur into gaussian glaze.

so smooth, so soft, as the fortress breaks down.

a servant to this frequency, this sublime.

as one-sided smiles glide across the hollow.

-unison in time, a collective of presence.

-so serene, so divine.

and on this day, time left our conscious, splitting the fortress, letting material decay.

what was a transcending event for beyond the glare.

for the few, a happening, though brief and rare.

for the rest, it came and gone within a flicker, a light breeze through ones'  hair.


Nicholas NicolaComment